Balloon escape

The artist (me!!!) did not imagine this entire picture in one time, similar to my other larger drawings. The black hills in the distance were drawn first followed by the smaller crystalline cliffs in the foreground.  Sketches of the house followed this to the left and tree (far right), some balloons, and the explosion to the very left, the lake, the sun and finally the garden along the base of the picture.

The farmhouse to the left looks high over the valley and the sun can be seen with its milky reflection in the lake. The balloons fill the sky with business, the sky left unshaded to give the balloons more attention.

Alot of attention was focused on the balloons, giving them all individual designs. Some look more 2 dimensional, particularly the largest balloon in front of the explosion.

All the plants are imaginary ones, like it’s on another planet (just like the artist I hear you saying!). Notice there are no baskets to the balloons, a play on the clean line of the pear shape. The first drawn balloon was the one with the thick vertical stripes to the right of the sun. This originally was a freehand error in the actual pear shape, so I made use of these lines, making them look like tethers.

One needs a good look at this busy picture to notice the balloon preparing for flight in the bottom right of the picture and the white ‘groping’ hand in the scree slopes at the base of the crystalline hills.