God Garden

Viewing directly onto a mixture of a Spanish and simplistic Georgian architecture. This picture is my second A4 size, using just freehand and minimal use of rulers etc. on the windows, roof, front door (hence the rather distorted ‘look’) and the ruin to the right. The clean uncluttered style to the house gives the viewer an impression of this house containing clean, large airy and high ceilings to the rooms. The central hexagonal window was from a playroom from childhood days.

The outbuilding to the right has been structurally damaged by a combination of storm damage, old age and neglect. I intended the outbuilding to be the same distance from the viewer as the house but has been accidentally set back slightly with satisfactory results.

The main house has been set up on an array of black steps to give it a very solid feel – safe from the powerful wind forces that its currently encountering.

Initially the ‘all black’ front trees were drawn without any idea what I was going to do behind it. The house was then basically drawn followed by the younger trees in the garden to the left. This was followed by drawing the outbuilding to the right and finishing with the threatening sky.

The picture depicts a prevailing gale force wind. The front all black trees are hardly affected, its branches naturally being that shape; however the motion in the wind is strongly disturbing the more supple garden trees. One could imagine walking down the garden path and feel perfectly enclosed and the most interesting time to go. The tall second tree is recovering from a gust if wind and has been struck again – a live ‘snapshot’. More action is depicted by the rare breaking of a twig from the central black tree.

Other points are the two focal points of the picture, centralised on the house and the garden path and the goat hidden in the tree.  The wild open ‘exposed’ is obvious a place to avoid in this harsh environment.