Lead mine chimneys

Again picking the clearest of days, chewing through some serious walking on the moors of N.E. England, these abrupt beautiful chimneys beset the clear blue skyline. Their seemingly permanent addition to the wildness of the moors Exacerbates their relative focus of attention, so I have tried to captivate the mood by highlighting the chimneys as detailed as possible but adding the space of the sky and moorland beyond. There is nothing sinister about the history of these structures, which would have surely captivated 1000’s of hours of hard toil and low pay. The innocence is captured by giving the sky make believe clouds. This picture is a relatively accurist way to portray these structures, nothing appearing too cluttered or trying too hard to ‘add’ to the general scene. Purely a snapshot of what my mind told me to do after that great hike. Well away from reality, time, pressure and noise.