After visiting an outdoor pool at Whitley bay, walking at night, the pool had been drained with only a few inches depth of water left. Rocks had been placed in the pool to kick-start a little wildlife reserve. The night was extremely clear and still, with no traffic or any other noise to break this fragile glass atmosphere, enough for me to fill my mind with the idea of creating faces in the rocks. The moon cast a strong shadow on one side of the different shaped rocks, giving me the idea of producing magical faces, all pointing in a pre determined direction. The wall surround captures these ‘beings’, safeguarding the spectator from their intent. The re-occuring limitless distance is necessary to give the observer the real space one needs from time to time, keeping the detail of the faces in the rocks further away as much as I could. The semicircular shapes in the sky add to the magnitude of the space involved. They were drawn freehand without much thought about what the shape would be towards the centre of these semi-circles, forcing myself into a situation of the inner rings ‘edges’ not being the same consistency in shape as the outer rings.