Worlds Apart

Tightening up the gaps between the black impressions, this has been the ultimate experience of ‘naked eye’ accuracy to date. Two circles, one absorbing, one expanding, the idea taken subconsciously from a colour drawing of an orange and blue star entwining each other in my fathers collection of Life Science books called ‘The Universe’. Once you start this project,, its only the edges of the A4 page and distractions to do your 9-5 job stopping this being a life long project. What happens outside the edges, just like our natural misunderstanding of our grip on the limits and expanse of the universe.

This was like changing gear when it came to depicting detail on A4 paper. The vastness of space swirls around and is sucked into a fine point, depicted by a minute 8 pointed star. Construction lines were hand drawn with use of a ruler to ensure this swirling affect was even and accurate. On the opposite side, matter is being ‘thrown out’ from a pure white centre, possibly from within a funnel. The black streaks increase in size as they splay out to all areas of the picture, darkening all along as one moves further away from the centre. The matter is elongated and follows the swirl as it is drawn into the central 8 pointed star. All around the edge, the farther out one goes, the ‘matter’ resumes a more relaxed ambiguous shape, resembling a decrease in energy, approaching stillness at the corner of the picture.